Classroom Collection

A BIG thank you to our NEW group of Compost Classrooms for 2011/12:

Room 1, Room 2, Room 4, Room 5, Room 6, Room 7, Room 8,

Room 21, Portable 1, Portable 2, Office, Library, Snack Room and Staff Room!

1. All fruit and vegetable waste goes into the compost bucket.
2. No meat, no dairy, no fats/oils, no breads, no plastic.
3. Lid must be closed tightly after each use.
4. On Friday at LAST RECESS, empty bucket at the outdoor compost (with supervision by Mrs. Vernon).
5. Collect one page of old newspaper.
6. In classroom, rinse bucket with a little water and shake all extra water out.
7. Line bottom of collection container with one page of newspaper.
8. Leave lid OFF for the weekend to let the bin air out.
9. Repeat, reduce waste, and respect the Earth!

Notes to Staff
  • Teacher to decide which students are in charge of compost, and student helpers can train others.
  • Student members of the Eco Crew will help with buckets in kinder classrooms and common areas.
  • Buckets should be emptied each Friday at afternoon recess with designated teacher on yard duty.
  • If Friday is a holiday, compost duty will happen on Thursday.
  • If you need to empty the bucket at a different time, please provide supervision for students.
  • Extra buckets will be available upon request.
  • Although breads and grains are commonly accepted in backyard composts, we are accepting fruits and veggies only. This will make sorting easier for students, and prevent contamination from fats, oils and diary products, and reduce the likelihood of critters visiting our compost.
  • We will be adding brown plant material such as dry leaves and dry grass clippings to the compost to help the decomposition process. Newspaper scraps count as "brown plant material", so the newspaper liners for your bucket are fine to dump in along with everything else.