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Minutes of Meetings 2013-14

Brainstorm of Ideas for Eco Team Projects in 2013/14

Sort your waste workshops for each class in September
Raised planter boxes for veggie garden
Raised planter boxes for Portable Land
Rain barrel installed on a portable
Build bird houses
Native plant gardening in new kindergarten yard
Create fence signs for gardens
Tidy up and add to Peace Garden
Build bee houses
Make Vinegar Desk Cleaner bottles for each classroom
Make Goose Paper boxes for each classroom
Project for old VHS tapes
Revisit the school yard Tree Tour
Have paper towel dispensers in Room 1/3/4 replaced with hand dryers
These Come From Trees stickers for paper towel dispensers in classrooms
Tree mulching in the spring
Energy audit (lights off and curtains closed at end of day)
Waste audit (weigh bags and check for contamination)
Yard clean up once a week at recess

Notes for Future Reference

Paper Use Policy - Encouragement for school-wide paper reduction

Earth Day Collection Information - Note to staff/students/parents about special recyclable/reusable collections (e.g. batteries)
Volunteer Classes for Compost Collection - Note to staff to encourage joining the compost program

Make Many Days Earth Day website: