Compost Plan

Next Steps - Summer/Fall 2012
Stir and maintain composters during the summer.
Add more decomposted materials to garden beds in the fall, so they will be rich and ready for the following spring.

Spring 2012
Composter #1 stirred and ready to add to garden.
Composter #2 full, brown material added, and being left to decompose.
Composter #3 starting to be be used.

Winter 2011/2012
Take students on a tour of the compost area - Eco Schools team.
Install 2 new outdoor composters - thanks to free donations from neighbours.

Fall 2011
Invite teachers to volunteer, and implement Round 2 of compost collection in classrooms - various staff/students.
Source more classroom buckets so collection can expand - thanks to free donations from neighbours.
Re-visit classroom compost procedure, ask for teacher/student input, and make changes if necessary - Eco Schools team.
Add compost bins to Snack Program room - Ravens Got Health.
Source a second outdoor composter to accommodate extra organic waste being collected - Eco Schools team.

Summer 2011
Put up signs labeling the compost bjns- thanks for donated signs from a neighbour.

Spring 2011
Create plan for extending organic waste collection to other classrooms in the school - Eco Schools team.
Create labels for buckets, showing what goes in - Eco Crew.
Create posters for classrooms, promoting compost use - Room 28.
Create signs for classrooms, detailing compost procedure - Eco Schools team.
Gather "brown" material (leaves and grass clippings) to add to compost - Eco Schools team.
Invite teachers to volunteer and implement Round 1 of compost collection in classrooms - various staff/students.

Fall 2010
Start using City of Toronto Green Bin for Snack Program organic waste (being put out for collection at neighbour’s house) - Ravens Got Health.
Set up black plastic outdoor composter (got free from Craigslist) - Eco Schools team.
Pilot program for classroom compost collection - Room 6.
*Room 6 collected fruit/vegetable waste and emptied collection container once a week into teacher's home compost. No smells or critters detected!