Coming soon to a classroom near you ....the City of Toronto Green Bin program! This program allows our food waste to be turned into compost that can be used to keep soil healthy at farms, parks and gardens. It's good for the earth, and it keeps organic waste out of our landfills.

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Update Summer 2014 -

Our Spring Pilot Program classrooms reported high levels of buy-in from students,
and no increase in classroom critters or odours.
Starting in September, all rooms where staff/students eat snack or lunch
will be provided with "Kitchen Catcher" sized Green Bins. This includes
Kinder, Primary and Junior classrooms, Cottages, gym, office, and staff room.
Bins will be lined with newspaper.

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"Curb Side" sized Green Bins will be located on the First Floor, Second Floor, in Cottage Country, and in the Nutrition Room.
These bins will be lined with large plastic bags.
Classroom bins can be emptied on an as-needed basis into these larger bins.
Large bins will be emptied twice weekly into the dumpster outside.

City of Toronto Green Bin Program

What goes in the Green Bin?

Update Spring 2014 -
We're off! Our Pilot Program has begun. Big thanks to the classes who have started our Green Bin program:
Room 4, Room 6, Room 14, and Room 31
Office, Staff Room, and Nutrition Program
Currently, bins are lined with plastic bags, which are being put in our Organics dumpster for weekly city pick up.
Nutrition Program bins are being emptied on an as-needed basis by Snack Room and Cooking Club helpers.
Classroom bins are being emptied and cleaned each Friday after school by our volunteer Composting Team:
Alexis, Isabella and Fotini. Thanks girls!

Update Winter 2014 -
We have had our large outdoor Green Bin dumpster delivered, and are awaiting arrival of our indoor bins. A small group of classroom is scheduled to start the Green Bin porgram in March.

Update Fall 2013 -
Delivery of our Green Bins has been delayed by the city. New proposed start date is January 2014.

Update Spring 2013 -
Regent Heights classrooms will start using Green Bins for lunchroom waste in September 2013.

A BIG thank you to our group of Compost Classrooms for 2012/13:

Room 2, Room 3, Room 4, Room 5, Room 6, Room 8,

Room 21, Room 29, Room 30, Portable 1, Portable 2, Snack Room and Staff Room!

Thanks to generous donations from neighbours, we have 3 labelled outdoor composting bins.

Composter #1 (West) now has soil ready to be put on our gardens for next spring.
Composter #2 (Center) is currently processing organic materials from last spring.
Composter #3 (East) is open for business! Please dump all new compost here (raw fruit and vegetable waste only).

Compost Plan - Click here for our school overview.

Classroom Collection - Click here for details about how your classroom compost works.

Regent Heights Composters, # 1, # 2 and # 3 (plus a bag of leaves to add to the compost).

Compost Buckets and Poster in a Classroom