"Earth Day Collection" of specific recyclable and reusable materials during the month of April.
Earth Day Collection bins with sample items are in the hall outside Room 7. If staff/students bring in donations, please bring items to the bins.
To save paper, we will not be sending home an "Earth Day Collection" note. We will be making announcements, and we ask that you please have students write the following list in their agenda.
Earth Day Collection: old batteries, used printer ink cartridges, clean baby food jars, empty rice bags, 3L milk bags
(If you prefer, you could have students write one item in their agenda each day during the first week of April.)
Thank you for your support.
If you are interested, or if your students have questions, here is some more info on the items being collected:
Old batteries
- Will be recycled by a Toronto hazardous waste centerThis is one of the most common household hazardous materials, and many batteries end up in the garbage, which can cause toxic run off from landfills.
Printer ink cartridges
- Ink cartridges will be sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled, and can earn money for the school to use towards eco-initiatives.
Baby food jars
- Will be reused by a local food bank. Many food banks give out 3 days worth of food at a time to clients. Items like cooking oil, jam, peanut butter, and margarine need to be measured out into smaller portion sizes for distribution. Baby food jars are perfect for this.
Empty woven rice bags
- To be reused as decorative tote bags. Using scraps of leftover fabric, old rice bags become an artsy craft item! (See attached photo)
3 litre milk bags,
- Will be reused by a community group who cuts and weaves them into plastic mats. (See attached photo) These mats are donated to third world countries for use as sleeping pads or seats in outdoor classrooms, and are sewn into tote bags for hospitals and food depots. They are washable, dry quickly, do not attract insects/bacteria, and are surprisingly soft.