Eco Literacy

Classroom Projects 2013-14

Grade 8 - Cottages 1 and 2 - Mr. Chan and Mr. Johannsen - May 2014

Participated in EcoSpark Changing Currents program. Visited local river to collect samples of organic matter.
Analyzed findings to determine water pollution levels. Created an action plan for improving water quality.
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Eco Spark Changing Currents

Grade 8 - Cottage 1 - Mr. Johannsen

Experiential Journalism - October 2013 - Accompany Kindergarten classes on a Forest Friday outdoor education experience. Research the important of outdoor ed and produce an editorial writing piece.

Debate and Persuasive Presentation - December 2014 - Research a point of view on the KeyStone XL Pipeline project. Take a side in the class debate using a digital presentation to present your points.

Social Justice Rant - May 2014 - Research a social justice issue, present websites for further information, collect supporting quotes, write a "rant" for our class video. (Many students chose environmental issues for this project.)

Grade 5/6 - Rooms 28 and 29 - Mr. Sedore and Ms. McLean - February/March 2014

Explore recent innovations being made around the world to help create a more sustainable future. Consider sustainability in the areas of energy conservation, transportation, waste reduction, technology and pollution.

Grade 1 - Room 9 - Ms. Mac - April/May 2014

Plant bean seeds and make observations about their growth.
Collect natural items in the school yard (pinecones, bark, sticks, leaves) and create artistic insects.
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Kindergarten - Rooms 12 and 14 - Ms. Sher, Ms. Narduzzi, Miss Leggard and Ms. Vernon - All Year

Participate in Forest Fridays outdoor inquiry program, based on Forest School Canada philosophy.
Visit local ravine "Warden Woods" each Friday morning for observation and exploration.Reflect on discoveries in class using writing, drawing and discussion.
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Forest School Canada

Kindergarten - Rooms 1, 3, 12, and 14 - Ms. Rushing, Ms. Barrett, Ms. Bilic and Ms. Chan - May/June 2014

Participated in Painted Lady butterfly raising program. Cared for and observed the organisms as went through their life cycle from larva to chrysalis to butterfly.
Learned about important of insects in our environment.

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Earth Day 2013
We celebrated Earth Day in many ways at Regent Heights:
- Classes from K-8 participated in Clean Toronto Together by cleaning up litter in our school yard, local parks and neighbourhood streets
- Kindergarten classes made "Circles of the Earth" bracelets and discussed important elements of the circle of life here on Earth
- Grade 3 classes went to the park to read Earth To Audrey by Susan Hughes, and spend time contemplating the power and beauty of nature
- Grade 7 science classes took a walk into Warden Woods ravine to observe our local ecosystems, and bring home samples including mossy logs and garter snakes!

Samples of Student Activities and Resources Used at our School 2012-13

Books - The Earth Day Book by Todd Parr, We Planted a Tree by Diane Muldrow, and more!
Art - Bulletin board garden, Earth paintings
Poetry - Our Big Earth, Earthdance
Science - Nature walks in school yard and neighbourhood, Growing flower and bean seeds
earth_day.jpg planted_a_tree.jpg
Books - Sandy's Incredible Shrinking Footprint by Femida Handy, Wangari's Trees of Peace by Jeanette Winter, and more!
Art - Mural of our sunflower garden, pictures using natural materials (e.g. sand, leaves), desktop organizers and book ends made from reused materials (old VHS video tapes)
Writing - Our Footprints, A Child's Garden
Science - Insect study
footprint.jpg wangari.jpg
Desk Organizer made from Reused Material - Grade 3
Texture Picture from Natural Materials - Grade 2

Books - The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, Hoot by Carl Hiassen, and more!
Media - The Story of Stuff video
Math - Taking measurements in the garden to make plans for building new beds, adding compost and planting seeds
Art/Language - book holders made from cereal boxes, Our Community mural
lorax.jpg hoot'.jpg
Cereal Book Boxes - Room 21
Our Community Mural - Grade 4/5

Books - Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit by Tom Rand, and more!
Art - Hunger Games diaramas using natural and reused materials (e.g. shoeboxes, bottle caps, sticks, grass)
Science - Efficient Systems (create systems that are energy, resource, time and cost efficient), Natural Resources and Energy Sources (study of coal, oil, gas, , water, solar power, geothermal power, etc.)
Design and Technology - Design and build a solar oven, a kinetic energy model car from reused materials (CDs, straws, bottle caps), a planter box for the garden, a book stand made from recycled newspaper.
Recycled Newspaper Structure - Grade 7

Found Materials Diarama - Grade 8

Earth Hour 2012
We celebrated TDSB Earth Hour (last Friday in March) in honour of International Earth Hour (last Satuday in March)
Earth Hour website
Thanks to Dave in Grade 7 for making our school signs, reminding us to save energy every day!

Earth Hour Reflection - Grade 6

Earth Day 2012
We celebrated Earth Day in many ways:
Read poems and sang songs - Rooms 1, 2, 3
Cleaned up garbage in our school yard - Rooms 4, 7, 9, 10, 11
Read, wrote and drew about Eco Footprints - Room 5
Mulched school yard trees and potted White Spruce seedlings - Rooms 6, 8
Did some thinking after reading The Lorax and watching the Story of Stuff - Rooms 21, 23, 27, 28

Story of Stuff Reflection - Grade 5

Earth Day Goals - Grade 3

Earth Day Footprints - Grade 2

Kindergarten Poem of the Week