Garden Plan

Next Steps - Fall 2014
Apply for funding to create raised garden beds.
Remove grass, and layer with straw or woodchips.
Prune maple tree.
Paint mural on concrete bunker.
Create garden signage.

Spring 2014
Solarize, turn over, weed and add compost to soil - Kindergarten, Grade 6, Grade 8.
Plant beans, carrots, tomatoes - Kindergarten, Grade 6, Grade 8.

Fall 2013
Harvest with kids who planted in the spring.
Cutting back of weed growth.

Summer 2013
New kinderyard to be landscaped - concrete storage bunker to be located at west edge of garden.
Composters taken away by TDSB due to complaints of rats.

Spring 2013
Plant beans and tomatoes - Kinder.
Plant melons, pumpkins, radishes and cabbage - Grade 5/6.

Fall 2012
Harvest with kids who planted in the spring.
Add an additional composter.
Add a rain barrel - acquired by not installed.

Summer 2012
Organize summer watering and weeding schedule - community families.
Change bricks for plastic edging - Eco Schools staff.

Spring 2012
Put down plastic on current garden beds to warm up the soil in March - Grade 5.
Measure and mark out areas for new beds - Grade 5.
Add soil and brick borders to create 2 new beds in April - Eco Schools Staff.
Plant peas and lettuce in April - Grade 5.
Start tomato and pepper seedlings indoors - Rooms 27 and 29.
Plant carrots, potatoes, beans, pumpkins, onions and more in June - various classrooms TBA.

Winter 2011
Make plans with students for what to plant next spring.
Collect seeds for using next spring.

Fall 2011
Harvest carrots, tomatoes and potatoes in September/October - various students and staff.
Eat carrots, salsa and potato chips in October - various students and staff.
Add soil amendments - leaves, apples, compost.

Summer 2011
Organize summer watering and weeding schedule - community familes.

Spring 2011
Ask teachers to volunteer their classroom to be involved in garden jobs.
Mark out two garden beds, cover with plastic and weigh down with bricks - Eco Crew.
Lift sod and turn over the earth - Eco Crew.
Visit City of Toronto compost depot to pick up earth to add to the garden beds - Eco Schools Staff.
Make signs labeling the garden - Eco Crew.
Harvest onions and garlic in June - Rooms 2 and 6.
Plant tomatoes and potatoes in June - Rooms 22 and 29.
Start sunflower seeds indoors and plant outdoors along the school yard fence - Rooms 2 and 6.

Winter 2010
Get approval from principal and caretakers to start a vegetable garden.
Gather materials (plastic sheets, bricks, wood).
Collect vegetable seeds (saved seeds from friends and neighbours).
Plant onion and garlic bulbs in October - Grade 3.