Recycling and Garbage

Special Thanks to the members of our Recycling Team from Grades 2-7 who collect recycling bins from our classrooms each Wednesday.

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Good On One Side Eco Paper!
All photocopiers and RISO machines are provided with a GOOSE Paper bin, as well as a Recycling Bin.
Paper only printed on one side can go in the GOOSE Paper Bin. Double sided waste paper can go in Recycling.
All classrooms are encouraged to have GOOSE Paper bins as well.

Recycling Quiz for Earth Day
Read by students on morning announcements during Earth Week.

Rock Star Eco Art Contest Winners
What can we do with old video tape? Keep it out of landfill and create art!
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City of Toronto "We Want It!" Videos with Chuck and Vince!
Can I Recycle That? Ask the Waste Wizard!

Poster: What Goes in the Recyling?
Poster: Recycling, Garbage and Green Bin

ReUseIt - Where Can I Donate Unwanted Items?
Recycling is Magic!

Community Environment Days
Hazardous Waste


School Notes