Volunteer Classes Wanted for Classroom Compost Collection!

As part of our Eco-Schools initiative, Regent Heights will be starting a backyard compost.

Our Nutrition program already uses a City of Toronto Green Bin to dispose of scrap food waste when preparing snacks. However, students also create organic waste after eating their snacks/lunches, and this is where our compost will come in. We have a black plastic outdoor compost container, which is now located in the south yard outside the gym exit doors. The compost location will soon have a small fence around it and a sign above it.

Room 6 has been participating in our compost "pilot project" since November. They have been collecting vegetable and fruit waste from school snacks in a container with a secure lid and have been emptying the bin each Friday. They have NOT noticed any increase in odour, insects or rodents since starting compost collection!

We are looking for classrooms to begin our first round of official Classroom Compost Collection!
If you volunteer, you will receive:
- a plastic bucket with a secure lid to put beside the garbage bin in your classroom
- labels for the bucket, showing what goes in (to keep things simple, we will be collecting fruit and vegetable waste ONLY)
- posters explaining how to take care of the bucket and why compost is important
- a short presentation on how compost works and how to use your classroom compost properly

Students from your room will need to be responsible for emptying and cleaning the bucket each Friday afternoon, when adult supervision outside will be provided.
Your first group of helpers will be trained, and they can train others as necessary.
Exception: Kinder classes may request an older student volunteer to be in charge of their bucket.
You may supervise your students emptying the bucket more frequently if desired. Extra buckets will be available if needed.

Please let us know if you are interested. Volunteer classes will be provided with more details.
Looking forward to creating nutritious earth for our school garden from classroom compost!