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Congratulations Regent Heights for being a SILVER 2012-2013 TDSB EcoSchool!Late May 045 s_resize.jpgLate May 040 s_resize.jpg
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RH Garden July 2012 003c2.jpg2011_August_08c.jpg

Grade 8 Birdhouse - June 2012 and Grade 3 sunflowers - August 2011


What are we doing?

  • Promoting environmental awareness to create a better world for the present and the future.
  • Teaching and learning about environmental issues.
  • Practicing eco-friendly ways of living our lives; at school, at home and everywhere we go.

Who are we?

  • Families in our neighbourhood and members of our local community.
  • Students and staff of Regent Heights P.S. including:
    • Recycling Team with Mrs. Grais
    • Nutrition Program with Ms. Mitchell and Ms.McInnis
    • Our school caretakers: Mr. Alfano and Mr. Craig
    • Our office staff: Ms. Keenan, Mr. Donaldson, Ms. Jeanes and Ms. St.Martin
    • Green Bin classrooms: Rooms 4, 6, 14, 31, Snack Room, Office, and Staff Room
    • Garden planting classrooms: Rooms 4, 6, 14, and 29.
    • Eco Schools Planning Team: Ms. Grais and Mrs. Vernon
    • Eco Schools Support Team: Mr. Johannsen and Ms. I.
  • We are the Earth!Hands_Holding_Earth.jpg

White Spruce Saplings
Thanks to Charitree for the donation of white spruce saplings.For Earth Day 2012, we potted close to 100 baby White Spruce trees.They are currently in a temporary nursery under the maple tree in our vegetable garden.
Special thanks to the staff, students and community members who donated money to support our new trees.The trees will be planted in our school yard when they are big enough, in Fall 2014.
RH Garden July 2012 004.JPG

Regent Heights Tree Tour
Click here to see the Regent Heights Tree Tour on Google Maps, which identifies the species of trees in our school yard.
New trees have been added to our school yard recently. This digital tree tour is being updated. Photos to be added soon.
Thanks to the Grade 3 students in Room 6 (School Year 2011/12) for inspiring the creation this digital tour!